I would like to welcome and thank you for visiting the official portal of Maran District Council.

In the journey through the flow of the borderless globalisation, Maran District Council is not left behind in the use of ICT applications to fulfill the needs of clients such as online payment facilities, communication through social applications, online support and many others.

We also carry out various activities in terms of administration improvements such as MS ISO 9001:2000, KPI and 5S quality environment practice to ensure customer satisfaction.

The operations area of Maran District Council of 1,978.1 square km is challenging for the management to administer all areas due to distance factor. In view of this, the management have taken steps to open 2 new branches – Maran Bus Terminal and in Bandar Tun Abdul Razak Jengka.

Finally, as Yang DiPertua of Maran District Council, I hope that the people of Maran will cultivate a positive attitude to develop the district of Maran in line with the slogan ‘towards a peaceful community’.

Thank you.

Dato' Zaman Azam bin Mohamat Sarif @ Ahmat, DIMP., SMP., AAP.

Yang DiPertua

Maran District Council