Mrs. Shahrani Saazai binti Mat Saad, PKT
Assistant Chief Information Technology FA32 [KUP]
Maran District Council
Tel: 09-4771411 Faks: 09-4771511
email: it[at]     


The roles and responsibilities of the CIO are as follows:
  • Manage all MDM ICT security programs
  • Enforce the implementation of the MDM ICT Security Policy
  • Provide information and disclosure on the MDM ICT Security Policy to all users;
  • Establish guidelines, procedures and procedures in line with the requirements of the MDM ICT Security Policy
  • Conduct risk management;
  • Conduct audits, review, formulate MDM management responses based on findings and prepare reports thereon;
  • Warn of possible dangerous threats such as viruses and provide advice and provide appropriate protection measures;
  • Report ICT security incidents to the Government ICT Security Incident Response Team (GCERT), MDM and ICTSO inform the CIO;
  • Collaborate with all relevant parties in identifying the source of ICT security threats or incidents and recommending remedial measures immediately; and
  • Plan and implement awareness programs on ICT security.
  • Conduct assessments to ensure the level of ICT security and take remedial or strengthening actions to improve the level of ICT infrastructure security so that new incidents can be avoided.