Selamat Sejahtera Thanks to Allah SWT for giving us the opportunity to step into the new year 2024 together.
I would like to take this opportunity to say "Happy New Year 2024" to all the employees of the Maran District Council
and the residents of Maran District in general.
We have been tested by quite a big and bitter challenge throughout the past year 2021 which is the COVID-19 pandemic
which was first reported in Malaysia in January. This challenge not only tests our strength in terms of health, but also
involves the way of life and global economic development. But it does not become an obstacle for us to continue to improve
and in guaranteeing the delivery of the best services to the local population. The practice of new norms that need to be
followed also changes the way we work and our lifestyle.

However, for the good of all we need to agree and make it a new way of working and lifestyle to practice.
For that, for the year 2024 we have to step into the new gate of mind transformation. Thus, the practice of high discipline
and increased expertise in their respective fields in addition to the employees of the Maran District Council should improve
the practice of new knowledge. More efficient and efficient service delivery will provide maximum satisfaction to customers.
Therefore, the focus for the year 2024 is to deliver efficient, effective and fast services and reduce bureaucracy to ensure that
service delivery to customers is not affected and can be simplified in this pandemic environment.
I pray that the year 2024 promises blessings to all workers and citizens of Maran District. 
Thank you to all parties who always provide support to realize the vision and mission of the Maran

Wabillahi Taufiq Walhidayah Wassalamualaikum WBT

Dato' Khairun Nissa binti Aris, DIMP., AAP.
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