Pekan Municipal Board(1970-1981)

Before the District of Maran was formed, it was Maran town which originally located in Mukim Luit under the jurisdiction of Pekan Municipal Board as gazetted in Pahang State Government Gazette G.N. 380/55 and later amended according to G.N. 45/68.

Based on Local Authority definition, there was a residential township which including Maran (under the Pekan Municipal Board) and Chenor (residential town in Temerloh District)

(Resource: Population Census Statistics 1970 & 1980).

The board was chaired by Pekan District Officer. The admin control headquartered in Pekan which under Municipal legislation. However with only 5 staff – a Town Prefect and 4 labours, all administration was done at a small office located in Maran town market. Work focused only on the cleanliness and beautification of Maran. 

Physical development was apparent at that time with the existence of government buildings such as Police Station, District Office, Telekom, Islamic Religious Office, Veterinary, Agriculture Office, Headman Hall (demolished ), a stretch of shops next to the Police Station (also demolished), Department of Public Works Office, Health Office, Maran Primary School, Post Office, LLN Office (currently known as TNB). Besides that, other buildings such as hall, market, phase 1 shop, 37 units of bazaar, flash residential and timber factory.

Lembaga Bandaran Pekan 

Lembaga Bandaran Pekan

Maran Municipal Board (1981-1988)

On 1st January 1981 started the new era of Maran District. It was the 10th district in State of Pahang Darul Makmur. It is a combination of 4 Mukim (area) - Luit, Chenor, Kertau and Bukit Segumpal which encompasses an area of 770 square miles.

The town of Maran and Chenor were already residential townships in Maran District. Maran Small Municipal Board was constituted separately from Pekan Municipal Board as Local Authority to supervise and provide municipal services to areas within the radius of 1 square mile (Maran District Master Plan, 1988).

The formation of the new district resulted in a bigger portion of Jengka Regional Development Authority (formerly known as Jengka Development Corporation, PKJ) becoming part of Maran District. 

3 towns were planned to be developed in Jengka Region; Bandar Pusat Jengka (Jengka Central Town), Bandar Barat Daya (Southwest Town) and Bandar Tenggara (Southeast Town). Based on the earlier overall planning, 60% of residential township in Maran District originated from new townships in Jengka Regional Development Authority area. 

Although Maran Municipal Board was constituted, it was incapable in terms of manpower and skills in the development of Maran District.  Therefore, planning and development related works were placed under the responsibility of Maran District Office that was led by District Officer as the Chairman of Maran Township Board. Additional buildings that existed during the board’s supervision were the bus station, phase II shops and fire station.

Maran District Council (1988-present) 

Maran District Council was constituted on 1st July 1988 through Pahang State Government Gazette No. 502 dated 23rd June 1988. Maran District Council constitution was a combination of the two Local Authorities - Maran Municipal Board and Chenor Local Council. This also includes several small towns such as Jengka, Simpang Tajau, Simpang Awah, Pekan Sungai Jerik and Pekan Sri Jaya. 

In line with the increased of population, the demands for public facilities, technology advancement and  the increased standards in services, Maran District Council has increased their services performance in its administration area.

Besides that, there was additional construction of buildings such as shops, stalls, halls, mosques, playgrounds, recreational areas and etc. This includes facilities provided by Jengka Regional Development Authority (LKWJ).

According to Pahang State Government Council Meeting, a decision has been made during the 58th Meeting on 24 November 1993 stating that administration, management and service of Jengka Centre Township (now known as Jengka Town) is now taken over by LKWJ from Maran District Council for 5 years beginning of 1st January 1994 until 31st December 1998. 

At that time Maran District Council was divided into 6 units; Administration Unit, Financial Unit, Town Planning Unit, Technical Unit, Valuation and Assessment Unit, Licensing, Enforcement and Town Services Unit

(source: MDM Official Launch Programme Book)