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Maran District Council Theme


Clean & Scenic



Lambang Negeri

The state emblem demonstrates that MDC is a district under Pahang Darul Makmur state government.



The 3 arrows shaped as a house illustrates the Council sensitivity in developing the area for the public. It also portrays good infrastructure planning such as recreational parks and drainages.



The tree symbolizes MDC role as the initiator towards a harmonious and outstanding community.




The colour of soil (red) signifies the areas that under the authority of Maran District Council.




The green colour represents plants which interprets the identity of peaceful and harmonious population.




The colour of water (blue) signifies the councillor allways take care to the all needs through the QCC concept (Quality Control).




The white colour denotes that the Council always exercises purity in all aspects towards a high quality and outstanding practice.


Maran District Council Flag


Bendera MDM