Cleanliness and Garbage Collection

What is meant by bulk garbage and how can it be disposed?

  • Bulk garbage is non-domestic garbage such as garden/farm waste, large collection of garbage, timber/wood, branches, leaves, grass, boxes or old furniture.
  • Collection service for bulk garbage is provided by Alam Flora Sdn Bhd and is carried out according to the area's collection schedule

Where information on collection schedule is available?

Cutting of Trees

The council also provides service to cut trees in its administration area such as in residential areas. All enquiries regarding this can be directed to the Planning and Landscape Unit at 09-477 1411/09-477 7899 or Special Force Unit (UTK) for emergency case regarding cutting of trees / fallen trees.


Grass Mower

The council also provided land mowers at children's playgrounds in housing areas. Direct enquiries to the Cleanliness and Health Department at 09-4771411/09-4777897